Xaver Yilmaz from Medan, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who once lived in India for 3 years and he writes that he didn’t have a good experience and he met some of the exceptionally stupid people there, some of whom were highly educated. He tells about meeting this far-rightist Hindu there who told him that the Semitic Languages are a Hindu invention. This Far-Rightist Hindu claimed that some of the Indian Hindu Sages who travelled to the west somewhere near the modern day Israel to spread their philosophy invented the first Semitic language, and before that, the entire Middle-East used to communicate using hand gestures.

After exploring the Indian Pre-Historic and Historic times thoroughly while living in India, he concluded that Pre-Historic, Ancient and Medieval India was as poverty stricken as the modern India and the Pre-Historic, Ancient and Medieval Richness of India is nothing but a myth, created by the Hindu Fascists and Medieval Hindu Extremists and Nationalists.

Considering that Abbas rejected a plan that would give Palestinians a state in 93% of the West Bank because it didn’t include the entirety of Jerusalem as the capital (the plan only gave the old city for Palestine). It is safe to say the two-state solution is dead.

Xaver Yilmaz

Xaver Yilmaz believes we are all a bit crazy, we all feel some form of fear and most of us feel McDonalds is better than the Burger King.

Xaver thinks the movement students for justice in Palestine (SJP) is Anti-Semitic inherently.

Xaver believes the environment has an inherent value and children are not morally obligated to their parents from birth.

Xaver is a hardcore vegan. He writes veganism is as healthy for you as math is related to science as a trusted Agen Bola is related to easy profits.

Xaver campaigns online on Guilded, Discord, Chatango and Slack chat rooms for the independence of Hong Kong.

Xaver believes all cities have a potential right to self-determination.

Xaver thinks the Generation-Z humor is very much akin to the surrealist works of the 1900s.

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