Hat Yai Auto Blogger is amazed at the enthusiasm of Attorneys for the Automobiles and Baccarat

Jintana Pasuthorn from Hat Yai, Thailand, is an Auto Blogger, who is upset that she was never featured on a television program, although she was featured several times in automotive print media.

Jintana writes every attorney she ever met, regardless of their gender, was a bigger auto and baccarat enthusiast than herself.

Jintana believes an alliance between the Subaru Corporation and Renault-Nissan is going to take place very soon to defeat the mighty Toyota.

Jintana writes “Subaru vs Mazda is the most underrated automobile war ever.”

Jintana claims if it weren’t for the biased mainstream media, both Mazda & Subaru would have been much bigger brands today.

Jintana believes people who commit suicide even with help are mentally weak. She adds this is not their fault that they are weak but their fault is that they chose to do what they did.

Jintana writes men who use Brahmacharya as a cover to mask their inceldom are digging a grave. She writes it is better if you are an involuntarily celibate, to use the practice of ‘No Lust’ to attract women, then give them up and start true celibacy.

Jintana writes it is beautiful seeing how Brahmacharya has been saving lives. It is a pity how society wants to suppress us and keep us far from the god.

Jintana believes there is o other greater secret than the concept of celibacy for a human being, since his seed is his life.

Jintana believes the act of semen retention and sexual transmutation is all that you need to be set for life.

Jintana writes without the practice of Brahmacharya, you can try as hard as you want, but there will always be a missing puzzle piece in your life.