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Nazwa Adelia from Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, is a store owner, eBay seller and author, who recently completed writing a book on the Philippine Mythology and named it ‘The American Colonization of Philippine Beliefs’.

Nazwa used eBay, her own website and also a brick and mortar store to sell her licensed product. Out of the three, eBay generates maximum business for her. All her business sources combined don’t generate as much profits for Nazwa as bola tangkas online alone does.

Nazwa believes out of the millions who sell merchandise online, most tried to have a luck at some point with eBay.

Nazwa writes on her blog that for a retailer on eBay, it is more crucial to learn how the wholesale industry works than to learn how the retail industry does.

In her book – ‘The American Colonization of Philippine Beliefs’ – Nazwa claims that if the Americans didn’t colonize Philippine, there was no way that Christianity could have become the only dominant religion in that part of the world.

Nazwa also claims it is a false notion that the homo sapiens arrived in Philippines around 67, 000 years ago; She rather believes that they have been living there for at least 4, 00, 000 years.

Nazwa writes in her book that she believes it is another false notion that the homo sapiens replaced Homo Luzonesis in Philippines but rather they intermixed with them; She hopes that the scientists discover this very soon.

Nazwa writes in her book that the Creation Story of Melu of the Philippine Mythology resembles the creation story by Lord Rudra commonly believed in the Punjab region of the Indian Subcontinent.