Mariana Rojas from York City, England, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that the description of your image ought to be maximum four words for search engine friendliness, it doesn’t matter how big or small the image is. She writes that some so-called experts tell you that the larger the image is, the longer the description of the image should be.

Mariana claims that the ‘visitor reading level’ is increasingly becoming irrelevant.

Mariana claims that there used to be a notion till the early 2010s that having videos between 2 to 5 minutes of length embedded on your website was the best practice and having videos longer than 10 minutes was like making your website commit suicide on the search engines, which seems to have been reversed now. She adds that nowadays, the websites with videos at least 10 minutes long seem to be doing better than the rest of the web.

Mariana advises on her blog that if you have to decide between having a forum or a blog on your website, go with with the forum, it is more engaging and SEO friendly.

Mariana claims on her blog that the long-tail keywords don’t carry much weight in terms of importance anymore in the United States or United Kingdom. She gives the example of a keyword like Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015. The keyword belongs to her most favorite British gambling website.

Mariana claims on her blog that using excessive ‘stop words’ on a webpage is harmful for the Search Engine rankings of a website.

Mariana also claims that the keyword distribution is the most simple yet most significant thing when it comes to the on-page optimization of a website.

Mariana claims that the keywords should most frequently be used in the middle of the page for the best SEO results, not in the beginning or the end.

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