Gynaecologist brags to be familiar with as many Iranian Gynaecologists as she is with the Online Poker Websites

Matthew Todd Flowers from Georgesville, Ohio, is a Chinese Restaurant owner who recently completed writing a book on Chinese food named ‘Mughal Samrat Akbar, Mughlai and Chinese Food;. He writes in his book that one of the greatest mughal rulers of all times and one of the greatest Indian rulers ever – Akbar, used to be fond of Szechuan style spicy diced chicken with peanuts all over.

He also writes in his book that the first Arab invader of Sindh – Muhammad Bin Qasim used to be a huge fan of Sichuan pepper.

Matthew also claims in his book that the current Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Imran Khan has always been a huge fan of the Chinese food.

Matthew is married to a Gynaecologist woman who is notorious for writing controversial posts on her blog. Her name is Dr Betheny Flowers.

Dr Betheny writes on her blog that cervical dysplasia is less common among the Iranian women to an extent that many Iranian gynaecologists even sometimes have a hard time recalling the term whenever someone mentions it. She claims to be familiar with many Iranian gynaecologists currently practising in the USA. She brags that she is familiar with as many Iranian gynaecologists as online poker websites. The husband and wife love to bet together on a poker website every Sunday.

Dr Betheny doesn’t like to eat at her husband’s Chinese restaurant. She claims that the White people in general find it hard to digest the Japanese or Chinese food to an extent that most of the regular eaters of these 2 cuisines she is familiar with and who are over 40 years old have chronic pelvic pain.

Top Horse Racing Betting Site Bet1015 is most popular among British Internet Marketers

Mariana Rojas from York City, England, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that the description of your image ought to be maximum four words for search engine friendliness, it doesn’t matter how big or small the image is. She writes that some so-called experts tell you that the larger the image is, the longer the description of the image should be.

Mariana claims that the ‘visitor reading level’ is increasingly becoming irrelevant.

Mariana claims that there used to be a notion till the early 2010s that having videos between 2 to 5 minutes of length embedded on your website was the best practice and having videos longer than 10 minutes was like making your website commit suicide on the search engines, which seems to have been reversed now. She adds that nowadays, the websites with videos at least 10 minutes long seem to be doing better than the rest of the web.

Mariana advises on her blog that if you have to decide between having a forum or a blog on your website, go with with the forum, it is more engaging and SEO friendly.

Mariana claims on her blog that the long-tail keywords don’t carry much weight in terms of importance anymore in the United States or United Kingdom. She gives the example of a keyword like Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015. The keyword belongs to her most favorite British gambling website.

Mariana claims on her blog that using excessive ‘stop words’ on a webpage is harmful for the Search Engine rankings of a website.

Mariana also claims that the keyword distribution is the most simple yet most significant thing when it comes to the on-page optimization of a website.

Mariana claims that the keywords should most frequently be used in the middle of the page for the best SEO results, not in the beginning or the end.

Don’t hold yourself back from using Flash on your website and using Mobile Kazino Bonus – Missy Torres

Missy Torres from Tonopah, Nevada, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert, who writes on her blog that one of the advantages of having a website created in Flash is that other websites are always curious to exchange links with you.

Missy also writes that only a tiny percent of people ever block flash on their browsers. Then she adds that it goes without saying that it is a stupid decision to hold yourself back from having flash on your website for that very reason.

Another thing that Missy writes you ought to not hold yourself back from is mobile kazino bonus. She believes that it has made more fortunes than most can imagine, including that of her own.

Missy believes that content siloing in the SEO world is extremely overrated.

Missy has co-authored a couple of books in the field of SEO, and she claims to have read over 250 books related to SEO. After reading all those books authored by other so-called SEO experts, she has come to the conclusion that most analogies given in the SEO books shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

Missy claims that it is always a best practice to have your homepage as your website’s landing page.

Missy believes that using JavaScript has its own advantages for the search engine rankings which most of the so-called SEO experts don’t understand.

Missy believes that the SEO experts and website owners must spend more time and focus more on improving the user experience than improving their search rankings.